January 12, 2016

Reading – Ecclesiastes 10

Response – This chapter reminded me to be hardworking 🙂 See verse below

Verse- 18.Through sloth the roof sinks in,
    and through indolence the house leaks.

Prayer- Dear heavenly Father, Holy and Righteous Father. What wonder and great praise to You that I’m called Your child. Allowed by the work of Jesus to call out Abba knowing I will be heard on account of my High Priest who saves to the uttermost. And here is where I am reminded that growing in knowledge brings great joy. Father help me today to stay focused on the work set before me. I pray for L,A and A today also J, I bring HNL before You, I ask for the church family as we are apart and as we come together may we grow in knowledge and unity and be useful and meaningful for Your kingdom. Help W,R,A,C,I. I pray for RRH and Your universal church. some weep today and I weep with them. Whatever is bringing sadness to Your church may it be short lived may Your people look to Your holy Word and be encouraged by the Living Hope we have in Jesus, our hope does not disappoint (Rom. 5)  Some rejoice today and I rejoice also with them. Praise You for the blessings You pour out each day on Your children. For answered prayer and the blessing of having Your Word. Father I thank You for Your faithful Men and women who continue to do Your will in teaching and preaching. I pray that Your truth will silence false teachers. May you make them say truth or be silence. So thankful that everything is under Your control not one thing is outside of Your reach. Your Glorious arm is not to short. Praise You…So many requests……I bring them all to You in Jesus Name Amen.


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