January 6, 2016

Reading – Ecclesiastes 4

Response- I can’t read this book without constantly having Ecclesiastes 12:13&14 come to mind. The teacher is walking through life thinking deeply about the practices and purposes of each mans days. He is saying a lot of things as he processes what he sees. He sees vanity all around.

I praise God that I know his “conclusion” of this matter.

Verse- 6“Better to have one handful with quietness
    than two handfuls with hard work
    and chasing the wind.”

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.

Prayer- Renewed Strength to serve You Lord with my whole heart seeking only Your glory. NHL, BBC-PmilBlRAJALMDALURLKNHSSMEW171main, RidgeResthome,KAS,MYSIBS,Mom,LadiesARWCIAYHM,ADELENE,RON, 160Locust, FridayNights, O, USA, Wisdom! There are so many needs but one need surpasses all others our Need for the Lord Jesus to Know Him, Love Him and Serve Him. I pray for many ministries across that world that live daily to that goal. Unknow (except by God alone) Heros of Faith who set Christ alone before mankind and implore them to consider Him. May Your word continue to go forth and may you bless me and us with the privilege of joining the ranks. Philippians 1:29 Show me the path help me to follow. I pray earnestly for Plus1, JCBNC I love you Lord. Aunt Joyce and the girls. In Jesus Name AMEN


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