January 5,2016

Reading- Ecclesiastes 3

Response- What beautiful truth. Time is Gods created tool. He uses it and we also can use it to His glory always submitting to His sovereignty.

Verse-For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Prayer- Worthy are you Lord above all for glory and honor. Praise You. Help me. May my life be to Your glory alone forgetting self and everything lesser. I pray for Your salvation, grace  and help to fall where it is needed in the lives of those you have surrounded my life with. Ms. A, Ms. R, Gma, P, Noelle, Hannah, Lance, Plus 1, SAK, JALA, ARLOCG, Mom, Maria V J, Stacy C, KNNJL, Matthew. JCBNC, Aunt Joyce and Girls, 160 Locust, Friday Nights. Thomas, Auntie C, R and K and D and E, Mrs. W, C and I and T, Homeschool, WFHS, Wisdom, WISDOM! In Jesus name Amen

What a wonderful Savior to me I ws lost in sin but Jesus took me in…


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